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3 Tell-Tale Signs You Require Paver Cleaning in Sarasota

July 23, 2021

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Regular, professional paver cleaning in Sarasota is vital for keeping patios and walkways in good condition and looking their best. Dirt, mud, sand, silt, and other grime tend to get ground into all those pits and pores along paver surfaces, and standard sweeping or rinsing with a garden hose simply won’t get them clean again! Everyday cleaning tools are also typically ineffective at removing mold and mildew.

expert paver cleaning in Sarasota

While homeowners might consider regular paver cleaning in Sarasota even if those surfaces and materials look clean and pristine, it’s vital to note a few signs that it’s time to call a professional power washing contractor. This information will ensure you’re doing everything you can to keep outside surfaces looking their best and in good condition.

1. Faded Stones Might Only Need Paver Cleaning in Sarasota

If your property’s paver stones look dull and gray, they might not need replacing! Over time, layers of dirt and dust create a dingy look and make pavers look faded and worn. Cleaning away that dirt and debris can restore pavers and bring out their colors once again.

Before you decide that your property’s pavers need replacing, schedule a full-scale paver cleaning in Sarasota. You might be surprised at the results and can save thousands of dollars on the cost of new stone and brick!

2. Clean Mold and Mildew From Paver Stones Quickly

It’s not unusual for mold and mildew to grow along paver stones in Florida, as the state’s humid climate encourages spores to take hold and spread. You might see these spreading quickly along shaded pavers and those out of the way of the sun.

Don’t overlook mold and other such growth along paver stones as these substances are often quite slick underfoot! This is especially true during rainy weather when they hold dampness against their surface. To ensure safe walkways and patios, schedule professional paver cleaning in Sarasota at the first sign of mold and mildew growth.

cleaning and sealing pavers in Sarasota driveway

3. Your Sinuses Might Be Telling You It’s Time for a Professional!

Regular paver cleaning in Sarasota, along with other power washing services, removes bothersome dust, pollen, air pollution residues, soot, animal hair and dander, pool chlorine, and other irritants and allergens. Even if you can’t see these residues building up on patios and outdoor surfaces, your sinuses, skin, and eyes might be telling you it’s time to schedule power washing.

Regular pressure washing services clean away all those irritants, improving outdoor air quality and creating a safer environment for everyone, but especially those with sensitivities including asthma and allergies. You might even notice that the air feels and smells cleaner and fresher after paver cleaning, exterior wall washing, and other such pressure washing services.

Why Avoid DIY Power Washing and Paver Cleaning

Since regular paver cleaning is so vital for your property, you might be tempted to rent or even buy some pressure washing equipment and tackle this job yourself. This can be a costly mistake, as power washing is not as simple as homeowners assume.

One reason to avoid DIY power washing, especially for pavers, is that it’s rather easy to damage stone, brick, and other such surfaces. Paver stones, brick, and other individual pieces are also easy to dislodge, and homeowners often spend too much time or use too much pressure when cleaning spaces between them, often making an even bigger mess than when they began!

Power washing might also require various cleansers and detergents, to dissolve that thick dirt and grime, kill mold spores, and break up mud and dried dust. The right cleansers make quick work of this cleaning while the wrong cleansers can leave lots of dirt and grime behind. Failing to rinse cleansers properly can also mean leaving behind a sticky residue that just attracts more dirt than before. To avoid these risks, always invest in professional power washing!

Is Paver and Power Washing Bad for Surfaces?

paver cleaning and sealing

You might have heard that power washing and paver cleaning is bad for surfaces; in truth, a homeowner should avoid only improper cleaning methods and tools! Leaving layers of dirt, sand, silt, and other debris on pavers and outdoor materials can damage them, etching and scratching surfaces and leading to premature damage.

The longer you ignore needed cleaning, the more likely it is that those damaging residues will get ground into stone, brick, and concrete. To avoid these risks and ensure your property looks its best, schedule regular power washing services for all your outdoor surfaces!

Sarasota Paver Cleaning and Sealing is proud to offer this information to our readers and hopefully you found it helpful. For outstanding paver cleaning in Sarasota, turn to our experienced crew. We offer FREE quotes and convenient appointments, so give us a call today!

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