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There’s So Much to Do in Sarasota, Florida, Besides Visit the Beach!

August 21, 2020

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There’s So Much to Do in Sarasota, Florida, Besides Visit the Beach!

Sarasota, Florida, is an excellent place to live if you love the beach, boating, fishing, and all those sports and activities associated with the Gulf Coast. Florida weather also means a person can be outdoors virtually any day of the year, just relaxing poolside or enjoying a great book out on the patio.

While the state of Florida and especially Sarasota and nearby areas allow for lots of water activities, there are also lots of other area attractions you’re sure to love. If you’re thinking of moving to the city or have a visit planned, consider all the things you can see and do when in Sarasota, Florida, besides visiting the beach!

The Jungle Gardens of Sarasota

While the beach is beautiful, there is much more to see when outdoors! The Jungle Gardens in Sarasota provide a great tropical retreat over more than 10 acres that boast lots of botanical plants, wildlife, and other outdoor features you’re sure to love. The gardens also have a full schedule of bird and animal shows so you can plan ahead and enjoy something entertaining for everyone in the family.

The Opera House

You might not associate Sarasota or the state of Florida with opera, but the city’s Opera House is an excellent place to enjoy both classical and modern opera and other shows. The building itself was built in 1926 as a classic theater and today the location offers an eclectic showcase of productions in a wide range of musical styles, so you’re sure to find something you love. When it’s time to head inland or you need someplace dry to go to get out of the rain, check out the Opera House in Sarasota.

The Ringling Brothers Museum

If you love the circus or just an eclectic collection of art revolving around the entertainment industry, be sure to check out the Ringling Brothers Museum in Sarasota! The museum was first established in 1927 and now stands as a testament to everything related to the circus and its many evolving acts over the years. There are also live shows and guides tours, with lots of galleries perfect for everyone in the family. Be sure make a day of it as there is no shortage of things to see and do in the Ringling Museum.

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